Full NameVijay Singh Deol 
Date of Birth27 January 1969
Place of BirthBombay, Maharashtra, India
Age55 years
Father’s NameDharmendra
Mother’s NamePrakash Kaur
Step-mother is Hema Malini
Wife Tanya Ahuja Deol
 (m. 1996)
Official Instagram idiambobbydeol
ProfessionIndian actor
Weight75 kg
Bobby Deol Net Worth$8 million
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Zodiac SignAquarius
Siblings 3

Childhood and Family

On January 27, 1969, Deol was born in Bombay, India, as Vijay Singh Deol into a Punjabi family. He is the second child of Prakash Kaur and Bollywood actor Dharmendra. In addition to having two sisters who reside in California, Vijayta and Ajeeta.

Bobby Deol Net Worth

He is the younger brother of Sunny Deol. Esha Deol and Ahana Deol, the actresses, are his paternal half-sisters, and his stepmother is Hema Malini. Abhay Deol, his cousin, is also an actor. Rajveer and Karan Deol, two Bollywood stars, are his paternal uncles. In 1996, he wed Tanya Ahuja, and the two of them have two kids.

Deol made his feature debut as a child actor in Dharam Veer (1977). He then went on to win the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut in the romantic film Barsaat (1995). Commercially successful action or thriller films, such as Humraaz (2002), Badal (2000), Bichhoo (2000), Ajnabee (2001), Gupt (1997), and Soldier (1998), helped him develop his career. He was nominated for a Filmfare Award for Best Actor for the last of these.

Bobby Deol Net Worth

After that, his career took a dip, during which the ensemble pictures Apne (2007), Dostana (2008), Yamla Pagla Deewana (2011), Race 3 (2018), and Housefull 4 (2019) were his most financially successful releases. Since then, he has starred in other streaming projects, including Love Hostel (2022), Aashram (2020–present), Class of ’83 (2020), and Animal (2023), a top-grossing action movie, in a supporting capacity. He was nominated for a Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor as a result of the latter.

Bobby Deol Net Worth


Alongside Twinkle Khanna, Deol made his adult acting debut in Rajkumar Santoshi’s Barsaat (1995). Deol portrays Badal, a young man of intelligence and naivety who relocates from a small village to a large city and becomes entangled in the web of dishonest law enforcement and criminal organisations while also falling in love. The movie was a huge blockbuster at the box office and won him the Best Male Debut Filmfare Award.

Bobby Deol Net Worth

Many people consider Deol’s 1997 role in Rajiv Rai’s suspense film Gupt: The Hidden Truth to be his breakthrough performance. Deol was cast with Manisha Koirala, Kajol, Paresh Rawal, Om Puri, and Raj Babbar in the part of Sahil, a young man who was wrongfully imprisoned after being convicted of killing his stepfather over an engagement proposal.

He makes his getaway and finds the actual murderer. Gupt: The Hidden Truth was a huge financial success and received great praise for both its plot and soundtrack. Deol made her Bollywood debut with Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya the same year as Aishwarya Rai did. It did not perform well at the box office, even with high hopes.

In 2000, Deol costarred with Rani Mukerji in the action drama Badal, which Raj Kanwar directed. The movie takes place in 1984, during a time when Delhi and Punjab were experiencing unrest. Deol portrays Badal, a young boy who grows up to become a feared terrorist because of his resentment and hatred towards the authorities for wrongfully depriving him of his family and friends.

Bobby Deol Net Worth

Badal witnesses the massacre of his family and the villagers by the dishonest Police Inspector Jai Singh Rana (Ashutosh Rana). The Devil’s Own (1997), starring Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt, served as the inspiration for the movie. Badal turned out to be a commercial success. He then appeared in Hum To Mohabbat Karega (2000) with Karisma Kapoor and reteamed with Rani Mukerji in Bichhoo (2000), which was a shameless ripoff of Luc Besson’s 1994 picture Leon, starring Jean Reno and Natalie Portman.

Later in 2002, Deol’s portrayal of a dapper, well-to-do shipping magnate in Humraaz, Abbas-Mustan’s romantic thriller, earned him a nomination for the Filmfare Award for Best Drama. Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 classic Dial M For Murder (which was adapted in 1998 as A Perfect Murder), the film stars Deol alongside Ameesha Patel and Akshaye Khanna in a romantic triangle.

Chitra Mahesh of The Hindu wrote, “Deol spends the entire first half looking moony eyed and spaced out, but overcomes the stupor towards the end where he actually gives a good performance.” Chitra Mahesh’s critique of the movie was positive. David Dhawan’s Chor Machaaye Shor, in which Deol costarred with Paresh Rawal, Shilpa Shetty, Bipasha Basu, and Om Puri, was Deol’s last movie of 2002. He portrayed Shyam, a small-time criminal who gains possession of millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds.

Bobby Deol Net Worth

Subsequently, Deol portrayed a millionaire entangled in a romantic triangle opposite Akshaye Khanna and Urvashi Sharma in Abbas-Mustan’s suspense thriller Naqaab. Reviews of Deol’s performance were not entirely favourable. Raja Sen of Rediff.com, for example, gave high marks to many of his sequences, saying, “Bobby gets a considerably meaty role, and there are a couple of moments when he genuinely works the audience.” However, he characterises Bobby as “sensitive to an annoying hilt.” Brief cameos in Om Shanti Om and Nanhe Jaisalmer as himself came after this movie.

Bobby Deol Net Worth

According to reports, Bobby Deol is worth USD 8 million, or roughly Rs 66.1 crore. His principal sources of income are film earnings, which include a profit-sharing portion and a fee that ranges from Rs 4 to 6 crore every film. Bobby Deol also gets paid Rs 1 crore every brand for his endorsements.


Bobby Deol has admitted that when he first started filming Animal, the upcoming blockbuster directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, he felt repulsed by the role of Abrar. During the actors discussion on Film Companion, Bobby shared that during the initial days of the production, he used to feel “disgusted” about performing the role.

Bobby’s assertion was corroborated by other performers present at the discussion. “He was very scary (in the film),” said Vikrant Massey, who costarred with him in Shanker Raman’s romantic thriller Love Hostel last year. At the same time, he was killing twenty people in a single day. Later, we had dinner together and talked about farming. I exclaimed, “Oh my god!”

Bobby Deol Net Worth

One of the most talked-about sequences in Animal is Bobby Deol’s marital rape scene with Mansi Taxak, who plays Abrar’s third wife. The scene is one of many contentious situations in the movie.

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan grew up in the 90s and continued to live in a world of gossip and rivalry into the 2000s. She experienced fights, fights with cats, abuse, hurls, calling out, humiliation, and even slaps during her episodes. A very detailed gossip column about Bebo and her conflicts could exist, but it was primarily made public because the actress didn’t give them any thought.

On the set of their movie Ajnabee, Tanya Deol, Bobby Deol’s wife, is said to have smacked the Laal Singh Chaddha actress. Nevertheless, because none of the parties ever acknowledged it, the slap element might have been exaggerated. But both sides talked about the conflict.

the primary cause of the altercation. It was Bipasha Basu, that’s for sure. Bips was a newbie to the industry, having only recently entered it. Tanya Deol made the decision to assist her as she was an outsider who might get lost in their world. She assisted Bipasha in getting ready for Ajnabee. Babita, the mother of Kareena Kapoor, was not amused by this and educated Tanya about it.

The Deol wife returned it to Babita, unable to comprehend why she had lost her temper. Even Kareena, who had just been in the profession for a year, did not enjoy Tanya’s assistance to Bipasha Basu. No one can verify if the slap incident actually occurred. But Bebo later acknowledged in an interview that he didn’t like Tanya.

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Awards Won

Bobby Deol Net Worth
  • 1996- Filmfare Awards and Screen Awards
  • 2008- Zee Cine Awards
  • 2009- Stardust Awards
  • 2011- Bhaskar Bollywood Awards
  • 2012- Producers Guild Film Awards
  • 2021- Filmfare OTT Awards and Lions Gold Awards
  • 2022- Filmfare OTT Awards
  • 2023 and 2024- Zee Cine Awards

Interesting Unknown Facts

  • Was engaged to Pooja Bhatt.
  • Mani Ratnam wanted Bobby Deol for Yuva. He wrote the role juts for him. Bobby did not want to do a 3 hero film. Ajay Devgan was signed for the role.
  • His wife Tanya is the daughter of finance guru, Dev Ahuja, owner of 21st Century Finance.
  • Brother in law name is Kiran Chaudhri ( A world famous dentist). He is married to sister Ajeeta.
  • Starred in JP Dutta’s shelved film Choodiyan. Starring Tabu and Mamta Kulkarni. This was in 1996. The film was previously being made with Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon in 1992.
  • Was close friends in school with Farah Ali Khan when he was 16.
  • Starred in the shelved film Vijayta Films “Cheers” ( previously titled Dharam Veer) . This was in 2012. Starring Dharmendra,Bobby Deol,Produced by Dharmendra, Directed by Sangeeth Sivan.
  • When Abbas Mustan wrote the script of 36 China Town in 2003, they wrote it for Bobby Deol, Akshaye Khanna and Tusshar Kapoor.
  • Son of Dharmendra and first wife, Prakash Kaur. His step-mother is Hema Malini and grandson of Jaya Chakravarthy.
  • He made his on-screen debut in the romantic film Barsaat (1995), produced by his father Dharmendra and co-starring Twinkle Khanna. For his role in this film, he was awarded Best Debut as Discovery of the Year at the Filmfare Awards, however, he could not come to the function since he was hospitalized at the time.

Top FAQs

Q- Why is Bobby Deol called Lord?

A- The Twitter page named Bobbywood regularly posts memes on Bobby Deol and his films and referring to him as Lord Bobby is a thing. The reason is the futuristic approach of his films and his character. 

Q- Does Bobby Deol play cricket?

A- Bobby Deol has been a talked about player in the tournament with his more than par bowling skills. In 2021, his excellent bowling performance against Telugu Warriors was a standout moment.

Q- Why is Bobby Deol famous?

A- He has several sisters, one of whom is Bollywood actress, Esha Deol. Deol has made several films during his career which includes: Barsaat (1995), Gupt (1997), Bichhoo (2000) among others. He is an actor of comedy, action, romance among others. He is married to Tanya Ahuja, and has two children.

Q- Who is elder Sunny or Bobby Deol?

A- Deol was born as Vijay Singh Deol on 27 January 1969 into a Punjabi family in Bombay. He is the second son of Bollywood star Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur. He is the younger brother of Sunny Deol 

Q- Is Bobby Deol alive in Animal?

A- Bobby Deol’s character, who dies in Animal, will be revived in Animal Park. Besides Ranbir Kapoor, Bobby proved to be the biggest USP of the film. Although his character dies at the end of part one, the producers are planning to revive it.

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